Ready for Spring already

It finally warmed up a bit here.  The high temperature has been a few degrees above freezing almost every day this week.  The lows have even managed to stay above 10°.

Word on the street is that we might be getting a day or two with highs around 40°.

That’s shorts and T-shirt weather for all I’m concerned.

Spring can just hurry on up, I’m ready for it.

With that in mind, I got out and cut up a nice stack of lumber the other day.


It was high-time that I put together a few tree-swallow houses.


Four ought to get me started, or at least keep me busy for a few hours.

And then it’s out to tromp through the snow to find a place to hang them. It was even nice enough outside to drag the little munchkin and my lovely camera-wielding wife along with me.


A few screws later, and the boxes are up.


Comon’ spring, we’re ready.

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