About Us

About Us

Green Machine Farm was establish in 2012. We are a diverse, sustainable farm in Southeastern Minnesota. Green Machine Farm is a choice we have made as farmers, and as people. We choose to: farm awesomely, be green, reduce suffering, be self-reliant and interdependent, be advocates, and most importantly, make time for the important things in life. Click to read our manifesto.

Julius - Head Grazier

Julius Johnmeyer

Julius is a veteran farmer and grazier. He handles our beef cattle and rotational grazing system. He also works off the farm full time and is looking forward to retirement next year, which will allow him more time on the farm and for traveling with his wife, Cathy. In his free time, Julius enjoys gravel grinds on his fat bike, trail runs with the Southeast Minnesota Trail Runners, paddling in his kayak, and playing with his grandkids and his beagle, Gus

Cathy Johnmeyer holding Grace

Cathy Johnmeyer

Cathy is our chicken expert – she ensures our hens are happy and that our eggs are collected and packed with care. She also runs our market stand at the Apple Valley Farmers Market, but you may remember her from Bloomington and St. Paul as well. One of Cathy’s favorite things about the farm is seeing her grandkids enjoy the excitement of raising animals and exploring the land. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, fiber arts, reading, and spending time with her kids, grandkids, and Gus the beagle.

Andrew Johnmeyer

Andrew Johnmeyer

Andrew, Cathy & Julius’ eldest son, dreamed up the idea for Green Machine Farm around 2010, when he became interested in leaving his career in graphic design to pursue a new journey in sustainable agriculture, with the help of his parents, who have farmed for many years. He is now our lead farmer and among many things, manages our pastured pork and runs our market stands at Bloomington and St. Paul. When he’s not busy with the farm, Andrew enjoys spending time with the kids, Ada Mae (8) and Arlo (4), fixing up the old farmhouse, and learning how to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Callina Johnmeyer

Callina Johnmeyer

Callina, Andrew’s wife, works off the farm full time as an oncology nurse. She works on farm projects occasionally and also helps plan our big ideas. She helps train the little farm-hands, Ada Mae & Arlo, and in her free time she enjoys hiking, learning how to canoe, baking, and fixing up the farmhouse.

Kate Johnmeyer Stone

Kate Johnmeyer Stone

Kate is Cathy & Julius’s daughter, and is lending her hand to the business and marketing side of things – all while  raising her four children with her husband – Erik. A former high school teacher, Kate now teaches a few group fitness classes and is always looking for that next project. You might see her from time to time at any one of our markets. In her free time she enjoys DIY projects, reading constantly, and running.

bullitt the dog


Bullitt is our Australian Cattle Dog, also known as a Red Heeler. Named after the 1968 Steve McQueen film, he zips around the farm chasing more Frisbees than cattle, but he has been known to help put pigs and cows in their places. He is very inquisitive when visitors show up at the farm, but his bark is worse than his bite!

Anna & Elsa the protectors

Anna & Elsa

Our two Great Pyrenees livestock guard dogs protect our chickens from hawks and eagles, among other critters. They tend to stay close to the flock but they love to say hello to visitors. Our little farm hand Ada Mae named them when she was about 3 years old – can you guess which movie these dogs are named after?

Gus the Beagle


Gus is a playful beagle who lives with Cathy & Julius. His favorite playmates other than the other farm dogs are the cattle. He plays chase with them on a regular basis. Mamas of newer calves don’t think it’s a fun game. Gus has never met someone he doesn’t like!


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