Maybe you’ve heard people rave about pasture-raised chicken.  Maybe you haven’t.

Either way, prepare to be blown away by our delicious pastured chickens!

Our pastured chicken is healthier and more flavorful than any that you can buy in the grocery store. They are raised on pasture, so their meat has less saturated fat and you won’t mistake it for one of those bland, spongy things that Tyson tries to pass of as chicken.
Our chickens spend most of their lives outside in the fresh air and sunshine running around on grass and pecking at bugs like chickens were meant to. Moving the chickens daily to access fresh pasture keeps the birds and the pasture healthy, and is part of our mission to farm with nature, not against it.

Our chickens are fed a natural ration that is free of any antibiotics, hormones, steroids, chemicals or any of that junk.

You can buy our chicken at any of our farmers markets!