Freezer Pork

In addition to being tasty, our whole and half hogs are:


Our freezer pork prices are a significant savings because we have lower overhead costs selling the whole and half hogs. Get all the same chops, sausage, bacon and other cuts you love for as low as $4 per pound.

Custom Cut:

Can’t find a specific cut you’re after? When you buy a whole or half pig you get to specify exactly how you’d like your pork cut. Want to cook an impressive standing rib roast or indulge in a whole-hog barbeque? Our butchers can make it happen!


Buying freezer pork is the most sustainable way to eat. Because you buy all your pork at once, we use less gasoline and electricity for freezing and transport. Plus, by eating the whole pig, you get to taste all the great cuts that you might not have tried otherwise!

What do I get ?

Whole Hog – $5/lb.

180 pounds of pork (approximate)

$1010 with processing

Half Hog – $5.50/lb.

90 pounds of pork (approximate)

$570 with processing

Chops – about 30% of yield weight

Rib chop, loin chop, shoulder steak, tenderloin

Roasts – about 15% of yield weight

Ham, loin, shoulder (boston butt)

Other – about 20% of yield weight

Bacon, ribs

Ground pork / Sausage – about 35% of yield weight

You will also have the option of having organ meat; heart, liver, head, shanks and lard.

 How much will it cost?

Pork orders are priced per pound, so we don’t know exactly how many pounds to charge until the pig is “hanging on the rail” at the butcher shop.

You will be responsible for the processing costs which vary based on how you get your pig cut up.  Regular cut & wrap with butcher paper costs 47¢/lb. Cryovac packaging is an additional 10¢/lb. and other processing (bacon, ham, brats, etc.) is available for an additional charge.  Please ask the butcher for the most up-to-date information on processing costs.

Once the butcher informs us of the final weight and processing cost, we will calculate your total.

How long does it take to eat?

Eating pork three times a week, it will take a family about 6 months to eat a whole hog.

How should I store all the pork?

Wrapped in butcher paper, your pork should store for 6 months in your home freezer with no loss of quality. In cryovac packaging (an additional 10¢/lb.) your pork should last up to 1 year.

Here’s a rough guide to how much freezer space you’ll need.

Whole Pig: 7 cubic feet (small chest freezer, french-door refrigerator, bottom-freezer refrigerator)

Half pig: 3.5 cubic feet (top-freezer refrigerator)


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