Winter doldrums

February is drawing to a close, but we can’t seem to shake this whole winter thing just yet.
The animals are going stir crazy from being around the barn so much.  The humans are going stir crazy too.

We haven’t had any really big snowfalls this year, just plenty of small ones and enough cold temperatures and wind to pile the snow up in inconvenient places.

The snowdrift on top of the hill is getting a bit out of hand as my 6′ tall father demonstrates. (He’s got his hand on top of a T-post that’s driven into the ground)


It’s a good thing there aren’t as many chores to do in the winter, because the snow makes everything just a bit harder.  Feeding the pigs involves lots of shoveling on account of all the snow that somehow accumulates underneath the feed bin.


In other news, the last of the winter calves was born about a week ago, completely without incident. His mother picked a relatively nice day to give birth to him, plus she’s one of our most experienced mothers.

A crowd of onlookers gathered to sing him happy birthday.


Say hello to Paint Jr.


I guess he’s not technically Paint Jr. as he’s actually Paint’s brother, but he’s a pretty flashy lookin’ fella nonetheless.

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