Turkeys: take two

Earlier this month, against our better judgement we got a few turkeys.  We’ve been (understandably) gun-shy about getting more turkeys after our big disaster with them the first time.


But we sure didn’t like having to go buy a turkey for Thanksgiving last year either.  So turkeys it is.

Twenty Bourbon Reds.  Just enough to have a couple for the big fall feast.  They’re awfully expensive little guys.  It’s already $11 for each chick (poult if you want to get all technically-correct) and another $10 for butchering when the time comes.  Add in all the time and feed we’ll put in them in the next 5 months and they’re gonna cost a bit more than you’re average butterball.

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  1. Turkeys are one of the most dedicated self annihilating animals we have ever raised. It’s like trying to keep a dedicatedly suicidal animal alive, just so you can harvest them later.

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