Tuesday’s itinerary in review

4:15 am – Wake up, get in the car, get to Denver International Airport.

6:35 am – Scarf down a muffin in the airport terminal while waiting for the flight to board.

6:36 am – Nearly spit out a mouthful of muffin after seeing a kiosk selling “Climax Jerkey”


7:00 am – Catch flight back home to Minnesota.


7:15 am – Try to soothe a screaming baby while in flight.

7:16 am – Feel bad for the guy sitting next to us, who, to his credit just stoically cranks up the volume on his iPod.

9:33 am – Land at MSP. Mercifully, the baby decides that crying isn’t so much fun on the ground.

9:58 am – Picked up at the airport by my Mother.

9:59 am – Load bags, baby and get back on the road.

11:15 am – Arrive back home.

11:16 am – Leave for the Zumbrota salebarn to catch the Tuesday feeder pig auction. 544 pigs up for sale, including this lot of 138 pigs.


12:50 pm – Win the bidding on a lot of 5 pigs.

1:15 pm – Go back home and get the livestock trailer, go back to the salebarn to pickup the pigs.

3:00 pm – Unload the new pigs, introduce them to the older pigs, make sure everyone’s happy.


4:25 pm – Head to Rochester to pick up the materials to make a Broiler pen and a pig shelter.

7:00 pm – Home again.

7:10 pm – Put together skids/bases for both Broiler pen and pig shelter.

8:10 pm – Come inside, because it’s just too dark to work outside anymore.

11:15 pm – Finish writing blog post.

11:16 pm (tenative) – Pass out.




  1. Big day! Looks like a thriving feeder pig market. What price are feeder pigs now? Do you like spotted hogs? I select for spots in my breeders, just because I like the look.

    1. Feeder pigs were going around $1/lb. I got mine for a bit less, but one of the 5 has a hernia. I really like the looks of the spotted hogs, and seeing as how 2 of them are gilts, they may be sticking around for a while.

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