Green Machine Farm gets a new Green Machine

Ok, so we felt a little silly having a farm named Green Machine Farm while driving around a blue Ford/New Holland tractor.


Sure it’s a good tractor, but it’s clashing with the whole color scheme we’ve cooked up here.


See, isn’t that better?

There has been lobbying going on for a while for a 4 wheel drive tractor. The snow, mud and all that slippery stuff has moved 4WD from the “would be nice” column on over to “need.”
Plus this tractor has a grand total of 95 hours on it. For all of you non-tractor folks, that’s like buying a used car with 2900 miles on it. It’s not quite due for it’s first oil change.  It still has that new tractor smell (it’s like new car smell, but with notes of hydraulic oil, manure and dirt).

So the new tractor ought to be with us a good long while.  We’re just itching to put it to work, although some modification of our current equipment (namely the front bale spear) will be required first.  Oh well, chalk it up to the price of progress.




  1. That is one sweet ride!

  2. Oh this is much better! Love the green and like 4wd…..I would say you need this.

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