The New Girl

I had an early morning drive up to Afton to Little Foot Farm to pickup a new pig.  This little girl is a registered Gloucestershire Old Spot, which will round out our breeding herd for the next year.

The pickup went off without a hitch, but I was a bit worried when I stopped for gas and didn’t see a pig in the back of the truck.  She just decided to burrow down under the feed sacks that I’d put back there.


The little lady is getting used to her new home in the pig prison for a few days.  We don’t want a repeat of Harry’s escapades.


I have been assured that the new girl meets our cute pig criteria. They’re all pretty cute when they’re little, but there’s just something about spots…



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  1. She is cute, the Gloucestershire Old Spot is also one of the breeds I was thinking about raising. Let us know how she grows and what you like about this breed.

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