Spring Thaw Problems

I know I shouldn’t complain about the recent warm-up that we’ve been experiencing.  From the look of it we could be done with winter weather for the year, which would me a marked improvement over the last two winters.

All that nice weather does present a few problems for us on the farm, primarily in the area of drainage.

The ground is still frozen, so all the melting ice and snow just runs off.

In most places the snowmelt is not a problem, but in a few places the ice tends to buildup in such a way as to channel meltwater INTO a building, which is not ideal.


So I get to spend a few hours chopping a drainage channel through the ice, diverting all the water that would otherwise run straight into my barn.

If this warm weather keeps up there won’t be any melting to worry about in another week, it’ll all be gone.



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