Mega-waterer v2.0 cold weather update

We’ve been through a good old-fashioned Minnesota cold snap in the past week and a slight problem arose with the chickens water.

On the coldest day (-19°F outdoors, 10°F in the coop) I noticed that the water had become a bit….solid.

Ice in the barrel, completely frozen hoses and a good section of the 1″ PVC that had split open.  There wasn’t a problem with the Mega-waterer per se, just a slight issue with the heater being unplugged by wayward poultry.

After a bit of cursing, some new PVC pipe and judicious application of heat, the Mega-waterer was back up and running.


The next day I discovered, much to my chagrin, that the Mega-waterer was once again frozen.  This time it was due to the heater’s decision to ceasing functioning.

More cursing, more heat, thankfully no split pipe this time.

Apparently stock tank heaters can’t be trusted to work beyond year two.  I’m looking hard at engraving a two-year expiration date on all future stock tank heaters to cut down on all the fun I’ve been having with waterers on the coldest days of the year.

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