Polar Furnace year two

So we’ve had the Polar Furnace for a while now, and it’s about time for an update.

The verdict: I love it.

It’s awesome.  It works just like they say it does, all the time.  Uses relatively little firewood, heats the house like a champ.

Sure there were a few little nitpicky things that I didn’t like, the recovery rate was fairly low and the anti-condensation valve made a whining noise.

This fall the company called me to let me know they had noticed condensation in a handful of stoves due to the anti-condensation valve being too cold.  They were replacing the cartridges in all the old valves free of charge to eliminate the possibility in the future.  I happened to mention to them that my anti-condensation valve was making noise, which kicked off a few months of sleuthing on their part.

160104-IMG_20160104_140113057They talked to the valve manufacturer in Italy, they ran models of my boiler water plumbing.  I checked and double-checked furnace settings, pump settings and plumbing. They still didn’t know what was causing the noise, but were determined to fix it. 160106-IMG_20160106_191150574

And then yesterday, Ray from Polar Furnace showed up at my house.  He drove down from Manitoba and he fixed it, turned out it was indeed a problem with the valve itself.

Oh, and he set the fan to have a drastically better recovery time while he was at it.

My wife said it best: “That’s awesome, let’s always buy things from Canadians from now on!”

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