Meet the New Well

Our old well house has gone the way of the Dodo.


Judicious use of the tractor and a sledgehammer made sure of that.


A temporary electric line was run from the garage to power the well until the new below-ground power line could be installed.


After a good 100 feet of directional boring was completed, and a new 1.25″ PEX waterline and UF electrical line were pulled through (visible in the lower-right of the photo) the foundation of the well house had to be torn apart.


While they were at it, the main water hydrant got moved back to a code-compliant +10′ distance from the well.


A few days later and all we have is the wellhead sticking out of the ground. Not bad.

I just finished sowing some new grass seed in all the bare dirt so we ought to have some nice grass covering it all up pretty soon, provided the chickens don’t scratch it all up first.

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