Well House

I’ve been trying to make a mental priority list of what needs to be done to get all the buildings on the farm whipped into shape.  Already it’s quite an undertaking.

Then it occurred to me that it might be nice to put up a “tour” of all the farm buildings.  If nothing else, it will be nice to look back in a few years and see how far we’ve come.

Since it’s already been a long day, I’ll start with the smallest building on the farm: the Well House, represented here in Orange.


The well house is a tiny (around 8′ x 8′) building located between the barn and the “horse barn.” As you may have already guessed,it houses the well.  That’s about it.  Nothing terribly exciting, but it sure is cute.


That is, until you get around to the back side.  Then you may notice that the roof is completely shot.  Shot to the point of not being there anymore in places.


Good thing it’s small.  I’ve got this tiny roof to learn on before I have to tackle larger roofing projects. It’s looking like I won’t even get to it this winter, but I’m sure going to get a tarp over the roof before it starts snowing.  Want to know why?  Just look inside.


That’s right!  Roof leaking around lots of electrical wiring.  Not just any wiring either, the wiring that supplies the well with power and us with potable water.  This project just got bumped up the list…

Nothing much going on inside the well house, just this plywood box-looking thingie on the floor.  Pop open the top of the box, and voila!  There’s the well.  And a bunch of insulation.  And hey! What’s that 250 watt heat lamp doing there?


Apparently there have been issues with the whole wellhead freezing up, hence the heat lamp, and the old 500w halogen worklight down in the bottom of the well pit.  250w seemed excessive to me, so I switched it for a 125w heat lamp and lowered it into the well pit. I’m betting on my physics that heat will rise…  I’ll monitor the temperatures in there once the real cold weather arrives.  I don’t want to waste any more electricity than neccessary, but I sure don’t want frozen pipes either!

Other than all that there’s not much to tell about the tiny little building.  It needs a new door (what building around here doesn’t?) and needs to be slid back squarely on to it’s foundation.  Again, good thing it’s so small.




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