Big Wheels Keep On Turnin’

We’re not quite done with our first market season with the new (to us) display freezer and we’re completely in love with it.  We happened upon it last winter on Craigslist for $150; worth every penny.

If you, out there in internet land, sell meat at a farmers market and you don’t already have one, go get yourself a display freezer ASAP.

While we tried to outfit our freezer the best we could ahead of time, one weakness has already reared it’s head, the big wheels weren’t big enough.


The 5″ casters were plenty big for the (now defunct) egg refrigerator, but not quite up to the task of dealing with a full 7 cubic foot display freezer.


If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.  But this time with mild steel, a welder and bigger wheels.


Fits just right.

And don’t worry, the old wheels are making themselves useful on the farmers market cart these days.  Waste not.

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