Water Problems

So here’s the deal:

We’ve got a lease signed on the Zumbrota farm for the next year.  My parents, are currently under contract to buy the farm.  They just went up last weekend to be there for the inspection.  Everything with the house (which we will be living in within a month!) went pretty much as expected.

There were, however a few problems that cropped up.

Remember this?  The nice little pond in the middle of the farm?


Yeah, well it’s not there anymore.

Apparently as soon as it quit raining, it dried right up. Think we’ve got a leaking pond?


This wouldn’t be an altogether insurmountable problem, because there are still two old cisterns near the barn that can hold quite a bit of water that runs off from the barn roof.  Still plenty of free water for the cows to drink, right? There was a small issue with the cisterns, one was uncapped, leaving the possibility that someone or something could fall in and drown.

Simple enough to fix though, just stipulate in the contract that the sellers will put a cap on the cistern.  Done.


Well, not quite.


Apparently, they misread a thing or two.  Instead of capping the cistern, they tore both of them out and filled them in.

Not good.


They’ve been notified of the problem, and while they can’t un-destroy the cisterns, they are going to look into fixing (or at least diagnosing) the pond.




  1. Oh my that is really bad that they destroyed the cisterns! Anxious to hear what they do with the pond!

    1. I’m anxious to hear what happens too. I’m sure they can get it dug up, but without our clay soil stopping the leaking might take a ton of bentonite.

  2. Ouch! Wouldn’t you rather just stay here???

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