Chicken Tenderloin. Gimme a break.

So here recently I’ve been watching more TV than I normally do (none) and like everyone else who watches TV, I’m barraged by a bunch of stupid ads.

But the one that really gets me lately is this gem.

What’s not to like, you ask?

I mean sure, antibiotic-free chicken, fed no animal by-products, raised in a certified humane facility. That’s all great, especially coming as a selling-point from a big fast-food chain.

But what really gets my goat is this bit.

“They might not know that they’re called ‘tenders’ because they come from the tenderloin of the breast. It’s not a strip or a finger, it’s a true tenderloin, hand-trimmed and cooked to order.”


Are we as a culture so distanced from our food that our food purveyors can expect us not to understand that “Tenderloin of the breast” is a complete contradiction in terms?

Now I realize that many folks haven’t grown up around a farm, or in a family of hunters.  But the vast majority of us can understand English, and have at least a minimal grasp of anatomy.

Tenderloin. – hmm, and where is the loin exactly?  Oh yeah, down there.

Breast. – from what I can recall, those are mostly on the upper half of things.


So to reiterate what english already did for us, there is no such thing as the “tenderloin of the breast” they’re on opposite sides of the animal!

Oh boy.


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  1. Love this! Thanks for a good laugh.

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