Tree Swallow Chicks!

It seems like eons ago that we installed the first few Tree Swallow houses on our new farm.  That was early March, when we still had 2 more months of winter ahead of us.  But after it finally warmed up, the swallows arrived.

Two of the boxes ended up with active nests in them.

This afternoon, I saw the very first Tree Swallow chick born on Green Machine Farm. (It’s the little pink blob in the middle)


There are 4 other eggs in the nest that haven’t hatched yet, so there ought to be a few more chicks coming along in the next couple days.  This means that next year, these chicks will return to our farm as adults, looking for places to nest and raise their own chicks.  In a few years time, we can have our very own squadron of fly-exterminating tree swallows living here every summer.

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