The Little Things

If you’re going to be going through a particular gate or door on a daily basis, it’s worth the investment to make that process as easy as possible.  Just imagine that the front door of your house took 15 seconds to open and close.  You use your front door at least a dozen times per day, that’s

We’ve put in new gates that are just 16′ cattle panels held up with wire and T-posts, but they’re only for gates that are very infrequently used.

This gate at the top of the hill is on the opposite end of the spectrum, it gets used almost every day, often multiple times per day.


I’ve had this Co-line sure-latch sitting around for the past two years, waiting to figure out which gate would benefit the most from it’s latchyness.

The welding was a bit of a challenge. We’ve gotten quite good at welding bolts onto our steel pipe posts, but welding four of them on in a very precise alignment was new. After a few tack-welds and checking the alignment a bajillion times it was all ready to go.


I cannot express in words the joys of a properly working gate.




  1. How long do you expect the metal posts to last? Are they solid, or tube steel/galvanized? Thanks!

    1. The metal posts are 8′ long sections of 2″ ID well drilling pipe. Most of it around here comes out of the North Dakota oilfields. It’s just plain metal pipe, no paint or galvanizing. I expect that they’ll last quite a while. The metal is quite a bit thicker than a T-post and those last for many decades.

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