Replacement Gilt Blues

I decided to keep a few replacement gilts (young lady pigs) this spring.  I sorted out two of the best looking gilts from the past years litter and put them in with the older sows.  After a few days to make nice with each other and eat three square meals, it was time to be introduced to the boar.


Getting acquainted with the boar went just fine except for this little lady, the pick of the litter. This girl was playing hard-to-get. She never went into standing heat (where she’ll stand still to let the boar mount her) she just squirmed away as best she could. Until she squirmed her way into some deep mud, or into the rocks on the far side of the paddock. That’s when she injured her back leg.

After a few days alone to recuperate, she was not showing any signs of improvement. The leg was still swollen and tender, and she refused to put any weight on it. It was most likely broken, and as with most livestock veterinary care, the cost of treatment is high enough to make slaughter the most viable option.

Our butcher shop was kind enough to squeeze us in at the last minute, so my replacement gilt has gone to the sausage factory.  Too bad, as she was a really nice looking pig, but the best looking pigs still make great porkchops.

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  1. That makes me sad. I mean…I,ve run away from men also.We,ve all had times when we just werent interested in sex. I know its nature….but it still makes me sad…as you said, she was a beauty. Do you do the killing or does slaughterhouse?? aWhat kill method do they use?

    1. The butcher does the killing. They use a little handheld captive-bolt stunner.

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