Portable Roost Bars

With a few hundred more chickens than we had last winter we’ve run out of roost space in our chicken coop.

The ceiling-mounted roost bars are great, but the outlets, light fixtures and chicken feeders all mounted to the ceiling get in the way of adding more.

So I got a small pile of lumber and turned it into portable roost bars.


The materials list is two 2″x4″x10′ and five 2″x4″x8′ Chop the 10′ boards in half and bolt them together 3.5″ from the top, now you’ve got the support legs.


Then get ready to practice ripping 2×4’s in half, turning them into a pile of 2″x2″x8′ boards which are your roost bars.
Much ripping, very wow.


Then get measuring and marking. The support legs get a mark 5″ from the top and four more marks every 10″. The roost bars get a mark 2′ from each end.


Line up the marks and sink some screws. Once your done with one side, flip it over and do the other side making sure not to screw into the same support leg.


Now just introduce your new creation to some chickens. Assuming you didn’t screw two sides to the same support leg it should unfold thusly, giving those chickens plenty of places to get up off the ground for a snooze.

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