Pigs in the Cornstalks

We’ve completed the last big fencing project of the year.  We quickly put up some temporary electric fence around all of the cornfields which have just been harvested.  While the combine harvests the vast majority of the corn, there is still a little that gets left behind in the field.

The cows remember how this game is played: Go forth, into the fields and lo ye shall discover corn!

The pigs were unaware of the cash & prizes just sitting around out there in the stalks.  They preferred to spend their days lounging around near the barn, pestering any nearby humans to feed them.

On Saturday we coaxed them to follow us to the closest cornfield.


Within a few hours the pigs had established the following facts:

  1. Corn is delicious.  Like, possibly the best tasting stuff that ever happened.
  2. There is an all-you-can-eat corn buffet going on just a short walk from our barn.

We haven’t fed the pigs in a few days.  We probably won’t feed them for another week or so, until they’ve cleaned up all the cornstalks.  After that, it’s back to the barn to eat feed and hay until spring.

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  1. Cute. What a treat for the pigs. Saw trumpeter swans, about 20, eating in a cornfield as it snowed near Hastings on our way back from the cities today.

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