Mud Season is Here

Well it’s finally starting to thaw out around here (he typed as snow fell).

The cows are stuck, for now, in the only two lots with a good enough fence to hold them. It’s quickly turning into a knee-deep muddy mess.

knee deep mud

The frost has finally left the ground, enabling us to do lots of things that we’ve wanted to do all winter.

Like pull up the “For Sale” sign that’s been frozen into the ground all winter.

not for sale

And even do a little groundbreaking of the garden plot.

breaking ground

It hasn’t been used in a decade, so it’s going to be slow going.

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  1. Your weather reports says ‘ice pellets’. Man you’re having a fun challenge this spring.

    1. Yeah, “challenge” about fits the bill. On the plus side, the 10-day forecast looks pretty nice. Maybe spring will finally get here.

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