More Free Food!

As I mentioned last week, shortly after moving in we happened upon quite the haul of free food around the new farm.  Pumpkins, squash and apples, namely.

Well, on Tuesday my dad dropped in to visit us, and we promptly put him to work.


You see, dad was in the area for a job-interview, and my dear mother sent a few things with him, including a food mill. I took it as a subtle hint that we might want to go pick a few more apples and get making some applesauce.


We got the whole crew out (dogs, wife and baby included) and picked all the apples we could reach. Then we picked all the apples our rakes could reach.
On the way in, dad noticed a few strange-looking plants in the pasture behind the chicken coop. We stopped and picked some leaves. After a lot of smelling and a bit of discussion, we decided that it’s probably Parsley, and we picked a bunch for the Thanksgiving meal that’s a mere 5 weeks away now.


We’re getting quite a pile of this stuff on the kitchen counter.


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