Mega-Waterer gets a Jacket

It’s been pretty cold the past few weeks, often down to sub-zero temperatures, and I’m discovering the limits of the Mega-Waterer.

With overnight lows from -5° to -10°F the water inside the barrel has stayed liquid, but the nipples themselves have tended to freeze up.  I’ve been going out in the mornings and thawing any frozen nipples out with a heat gun, but it occured to me that insulating the barrel might give them a better shot at staying thawed-out.

I used a water-heater blanket to insulate the barrel, taping it up with plenty of duct tape.  Turns out that duct tape doesn’t like to stick well in below-freezing temps; thank goodness for the heat gun, that’ll make it stick to anything.

Pretty soon I’ll be finding out exactly how low the Mega-waterer can go.  The temperature Monday morning is supposed to be around -25°F / -32°C.

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