Lightbulb moment

Here are a few Little Giant/Miller hanging feeder covers in their natural habitat.  We just use them on the feeders that hold grit and oyster shell, as the chickens don’t go through those supplements fast enough to keep the feeder cleaned out.


Something about those little covers got me thinking… They look an awful lot like a light shade.  A quick test with a lightbulb revealed that they are indeed a lot like a light shade; this light shade in particular. 

Tree-fiddy vs. twenty dollars.  Hmm.


Needless to say our barn (and coop) are sporting a few feeder covers these days.  Old barns aren’t exactly the most brightly-lit places, and all species of livestock are easier to move when they can see where they’re going.  Just a cursory glance at Temple Grandin’s recommendations will cue you into the importance of lighting & shadows.

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