Future Farm? – the Offer

I took a little trip up to Minnesota this weekend with my folks, and had a look at a farm.  We liked it.

We really liked the fact that the owners seemed open to renting the farm to us for a year, and then selling it to us.  More time to sell the Missouri farm and move it Northward that way.

We had ourselves a family meeting when we got back home and decided to make an offer on the place.

I’m hesitant to say too much yet, as it’s very early in the game, but I will drop this hint.

It starts with a “Z” and ends with an “umbrota.”



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  1. From its description on Wikipedia, Zumbrota sounds like a wonderful place – but it’s also VERY … white. Sounds like Roseburg in that way; we miss the diversity. Hope we get to visit you there!

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