First chicks of 2013

It must be spring, cause we got our first batch of chicks.

2013-05-09 13.16.14

Hard to believe these little peeping puffballs will be weighing in at 6# in 6-7 weeks.
There are only 50 chicks in the first batch, we’re hoping to gauge interest with these chickens. We need to figure out how much interest there is, what size birds our customer prefer, etc.

Much better to figure that stuff out with 50 birds instead of 5000.

2013-05-09 13.10.51

So there they are. Cute chicks hanging out under their hover brooder and being cute for at least for another week, at which point they enter their “awkward teenager” phase and their cuteness evaporates.



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  1. I’ll be looking for a picture of Ada Mae with cute baby chicks.
    I’m sure she wants to taste one.

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