Farm Rap

So it would appear that there is a burgeoning new genre of music; Farm Rap.

The first entry into this category is the Yeo Boyz from the UK, with their viral hit “Yeo Valley”

Next up, from this side of the pond we have the Peterson Farm Brothers with “I’m Farming and I Grow It.”


In the interest of retaining my dignity, I will not be attempting to cash in on this latest musical trend.  While these videos are at least mildly embarrassing to the featured parties, they are garnering quite a bit of attention.  In case you were wondering how this “viral marketing” stuff works, this is it.

Make something funny or awesome (or both) that people want to tell their friends about.  The next few million views just sorta take care of themselves.




  1. That Yeo Valley advert is way too professional. The accents are all wrong, not country at all. The rappers are likely well paid city folk. It was a five million pound ad campaign that worked well for them. This year’s ad campaign for them is a fake country boy band.

    The ‘farming and I grow it’ one is way better. It looks like some brothers getting inspired by the ‘elmo and i know it’ parody and doing their own parody. Their lyrics are better, too – maximum yield! I trust the boys from Kansas over the London ad writers.

    Thanks, it was an education.

  2. Don’t forget the backlash step when the millions of viewers get upset for thinking it was all real. I’m afraid “a pedigree Fresian with, know how” may be stuck in my head though!

  3. The real tragedy of the Peterson video is that they’re commodity farmers. They’ve gone to the trouble of creating a viral hit, and because they sell a product that is indistinguishable from the rest of the commodity market, they will be pretty much unable to increase their sales as a result of all the attention that they’re garnering.

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