Chicken Tracks

I noticed something a bit peculiar when I went out to move the new chicken pen onto fresh grass this morning.


Those are chicken tracks.

That’s the track that the chicken pens make as they’re moved through the pasture. As I move the chickens each day, the imprint of the previous days activity is left on the pasture.


A quick look at the past days activity, and I spotted a problem. The chickens are staying mostly on the half of the pen closest to the door. It’s also the half where I have been putting the two feeders, you can see the feeders imprints because the chickens couldn’t get to the grass underneath the feeders.

Since we use the chickens to fertilize the pastures, we need to have that fertilizer spread out a little better.
I have to walk in the door a bit further, but putting one feeder in each half of the pen ought to straighten the whole thing out.



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