Chicken Coop Rehab: Part 4

Even though the weather has been abnormally warm, it’s still obvious that we’re heading towards colder weather.  That means that winter housing for all the critters is high up on the to-do list.

We’ve made lots of repairs to the chicken coop in the past year, but there were still a few big repairs that needed to be knocked out before the snow flies.  After fixing the sill plate of the side wall, it became painfully obvious that the entire back wall needed the same treatment.

151020-IMG_20151020_100725Last winter it was a major point of ingress & egress for trespassers of the rodent variety.  Not a good thing to have in your chicken coop.  So now with that all sealed up there was one other detail that needed to be addressed. 151103-IMG_20151103_135914838

Somehow, in the years since the chicken coop was first built, the foundation walls have pulled away from the floor slab by anywhere from 1/2″ to as much as 2″ in places.  Give rodents an inch or two and they’ll happily take a mile or more.  So we needed to mind the gap.


Mix up some pretty wet concrete and ladle it on in there.  No more gap.

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