Bye Bye Wellhouse

The well guy came out the other day and brought along a few guys that do directional boring.

They looked around a while to figure out the best way to get all the digging done to get our well fixed up like it ought to be.


We figured out pretty quickly that the well house wasn’t worth saving.  It’s had far too much water damage.  It would be better to just bury the well.  That way there is no well house, the wiring is accessable from the house and there is no danger of the well freezing every time it gets to -10°F in the winter.

They said they’ll be here Monday or Tuesday to start digging.
That leaves us through the weekend to get the well house torn down (and rig up a temporary electrical supply to the well).


Best to back up a trailer alongside the wellhouse and start tearing stuff up. We unearthed a whole bunch of goodies. Well, not really goodies, more like scrap metal.


And there it is, the well head. Within a week this ought to have a new electrical line feeding it from the house, a new PEX water line going to the house, and a bunch of new PEX water line going up the hill to my parents new building site.

With all of our farmers markets starting this week, cows pigs and chickens going to the butcher and a new batch of chickens coming in, it’s shaping up to be a busy week.

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  1. Andrew, how much is the well work going to cost? Do you have diagrams that cover the scope? I’ve got an old-school well – yard or so diameter, 35 yards deep, water in the bottom 25 yards – and I’m wondering what investment it is going to take to make it usable for my farm water, at least in the wetter months.

    1. Running the new water line and electricity to the house wasn’t too expensive, about $1100. We basically replaced the lines that were already there with newer stuff. The electricity powering the well was the big change, as it now comes from the house instead of the barn.

      Our well is only about 10-20 yards deeper than yours, but it’s a newer-style well, only 6″ diameter.

      The best way to get an idea of the cost is to get a well-service guy (or gal) over to give you an estimate. They’ll probably be able to tell you the easiest way to get what you’re after.

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