Barn Shelf

Sometimes I get very excited about the little things.

Little things like finally having a place to store some stuff in the barn.

Up until today we have had a huge barn, but no good place to store anything inside; most of the barn has been filled with junk (manure and scrap lumber) for years. It looked an awful lot like this:


Over the past 10 months we’ve shoveled a lot of manure and torn out a lot of old lumber.
It looked a lot better, but there was a lot of spare equipment piled up in various corners.

Until today.
Today, the tide has turned on clutter.


We have our first barn shelf.
The poultry founts, heated dog bowls (why do we have 3?), chick feeders and heat-lamps now have a place to stay.


And underneath, a nice covered spot for our ubiquitous 55 gallon drums to reside.
In a perfect world, the scrap lumber I used to build the shelf would have been longer, allowing me to fit 4 barrels underneath.
Oh well, this ought to work out a lot better than piling stuff in the corner.



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  1. I love it! I really appreciate the process as much as the end result. Rewarding! Have been picking away at small jobs lately and it’s so satisfying to make some progress.

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