Unofficial Hydrant Connector

As promised in the earlier post about our new watering system, we’ve changed our hydrant connector for our watering system.

The NRCS guys came out and approved the whole system a while back, so we promptly got to making a couple of much-needed changes to account for “real world” use.


Foremost among the changes is the hydrant connection.  We got one of the Agri-fit M15 fittings to tap into with a small piece of heavy-duty reinforced 3/4 hose.

Much flexy.

More better.




  1. What are you going to do when the weather gets cold?

    1. When it gets cold (which should be in a few short weeks) we’ll drain the lines and possibly blow it all out with compressed air. There are drains placed at the low spots in every “leg” of the watering system to help drain all the water out.

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