The Babes of Spring

Spring is doing it’s thing.

That means that we’re running around trying to get a handle on all the new babies that are popping up everywhere you look.


The sows have started farrowing, which means that there are now plenty of little oinkers running around.


We figured out that not quite all of our big mean barn cats are male.  The cat in question (a very skittish creature named Emer-cat) was found to be female when she was spotted behind the stack of strawbales with her new litter of kittens.  This has, understandably, become a major locus of activity for the preschool crowd.


Speaking of which, there are other babies that are keeping us plenty busy too.

Gotta love springtime on the farm, it’s almost too much cute to handle.

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  1. I love springtime(BABIES) on the farm four legs and two legs…GREAT PHOTOS…THNX

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