Spring Farrowing 2015

Today we pretty much finished up all the action around our spring farrowing.  We ear-notched, castrated and weighed all the piglets, situated the last sow in the barn and did a bit of doctoring on another sow.


Our three sows have a grand total of 18 piglets between them this spring.  That’s not so great when you consider that we’re aiming for at least 8 pigs per litter, or 24 from three sows.

While I’ve been ruminating about which of my spotted sows I should keep a daughter from, our Large Black sow comes along with the best litter.  It’s a bit of a hassle keeping the detailed farrowing records that I do, but it does give me a lot of good data to use.

Here’s a peek at the numbers from the last two farrowings.

Margo (Large Black)

14 live piglets, 1 mortality 4.9# average weight (@72hrs.)

Annette (G.O.S.)

14 live piglets, 3 mortalities 3.24# average weight (@72hrs.)

Dottie (Spotted)

12 live piglets, 15 mortalities 3.2# average weight (@72hrs.)

With it all there in black-and-white it’s pretty clear who isn’t making the cut.

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  1. What factors do you attribute to the one sows. 15. mortalities?

  2. Poor Dottie!

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