Raw Milk Witch-hunt

What do you get when 14 people come down with E. coli and less than half of them have consumed raw milk?

That’s right, you get a raw milk witch-hunt!

Nevermind that the “the source of the infection has not been confirmed”

Come on everyone! Grab your pitchfork, your torch and let’s get ’em!

I was just informed that the source of this “outbreak” is the farm were we got raw milk for most of my childhood. The farmer is going out of business. His milk has been tested for E.coli bacteria from 4 weeks prior to the illnesses, with zero samples testing positive.
It’s only a matter of time before the local media gets his name and really makes it a circus.

The local farming community, which has really taken off in the past year or two, is reeling.
We all know that it could easily have been an one of us.  E.coli in beef, lettuce, milk, eggs, it’s all happened before, and could happen again despite our best efforts.




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