Pasture Doghouse

With the little Pyrenees puppies getting bigger by the day it was only a matter of time before they needed a bigger dog house.  I’ve done plenty of reading about livestock guard dogs over the years and most sources agree that they need a good dog house, though they may seldom actually use it.  Apparently it’s extended periods of rain that they don’t like and if you give them a cozy place to wait out the rain then they’re unlikely to abandon their post.


Since we have two soon-to-be enormous dogs I figured that an enormous dog house was in order. It ended up measuring 42″x48″ and it’s on skids so it can be moved around with the Winnebeggo when the time comes.


Both puppies fit in the Dogloo right now with room to spare. They should continue to fit in the big house with room to spare.
The house was completed just in time for three consecutive days of cold, rainy weather.


The pups seemed to appreciate their new accommodations.

There is a full-width door on the back of the dog house to facilitate clean-out.  Next spring when the dogs move out on pasture with the Winnebeggo I’ll mount the dog feeder on the back door and it should be ready to go.

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