Now Even Greener!

We just took the plunge.

Green Machine Farm is now 100% wind-powered!

Turns out that our utility company offers a program called Windsource through which they will sell you 100kwh “blocks” of renewably-sourced energy for an extra $1 per block.  For the average US household, that would add up to an extra $9.40 on each electric bill.

Around here, we tend to keep a pretty close eye on our electricity usage. Even though we live in an old drafty farmhouse we use an average of 700kwh per month, 26% less than the US average.  So for an extra $7 we get to go a little greener.

The Windsource program isn’t perfect, and we’d like to actually generate some of our own power eventually, but for now it beats the heck out of the alternative.

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