No more freezin

Well, it looks like the weather has finally turned. Winter is (if merely writing these words) headed out the door finally and we’re on to some decidedly more spring-like temperatures.

I spent much of my morning making the chickens watering system ready to again carry water. We used a bigger version of our Mega-Waterer v2.0, just stepping up the sizes of all the components, a 375 gallon reservoir, a bigger pond pump, 40′ of nipple waterers and very nearly 100′ of heavy 3/4″ hose to tie it all together.

Turns out that it works just swell down to about 10°F and then it’s freezy-time. Once it’s frozen, there’s no good way to thaw that much hose. To make matters worse, the barnyard hydrant froze up, so for the last real cold spell I had to resort to carrying water out of my basement in 5-gallon buckets.

In related news, I’ve found a great winter workout program.

Oh well, back to the drawing board for next winter.

Hopefully I can get all the water back up and running today and it’ll stay thawed out through the night, the low is 9°F tonight and then we’ll be clear of the severe cold for the foreseeable future.

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