New! Drive-Thru for Bundle & CSA dropoffs!

Hey folks, as you may have heard, there’s something like a raging pandemic going around.  We’re making a few changes to our farmers market format in St. Paul, which I’ll detail elsewhere, and a few changes to our CSA and Bundle dropoffs in Bloomington and Apple Valley which I’ll detail right here.


Please remain in your vehicle and pull up to the rear door of our box truck to receive your egg CSA share!  Easy peasy.  We’ll hand your eggs to you, or we can put them in your trunk for you if you’re more comfortable that way.

Winter Bundle & New Orders

If you’ve ordered a winter bundle or wish to purchase additional meat or eggs, please park your car next to our box truck and wait to be served.  I’ll bring your order to your car and you can get going in a jiffy.  I can take payments as normal, though you no longer need to sign for any credit/debit payments.

And just a little reminder, we do accept contactless payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay and contactless Credit/Debit Cards (look for a little WiFi symbol on your card)


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