Let it Snow

We got an inch or so of snow yesterday.  Just enough to make it look like winter. The dogs are not discerning, they enjoy any new snow to romp around in.



Today, we got another 4-5 inches.


I’m happy to report that the new snow-shovel works just fine, as does the new (old) snowblower.

The forecast shows some flurries tomorrow, with a high of 10 degrees.

I’m preparing by sitting by the fire, sipping on an “El Chupanibre” Barleywine.  Bring it on.



  1. How’s the home heating going? And those are some fine looking dogs.

    1. Heating is going pretty well. We’ve used maybe 100 gallons of propane so far. I’ve been burning wood during the day to keep everything nice and toasty. Have you got your stone walls heated up yet?

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