Incubator Intrigue

So today is time for the second round of chicks to hatch.  So far, it’s not looking that great.

There were a few problems this time, but we’ve yet to see what they’ll mean for the number of chicks that will (or won’t) hatch.  The temperature was a bit too low, 93 vs 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit.  The humidity seems better this week, just check out the fogged-up incubator window.

Yep, that’s right! My lovely young wife insisted on the purchase of a snazzy new camera this week, so expect this blog to get all sorts of photos from here on out.

There was a single egg that was “pipping” which means there was a chick trying to get out.  I acted on the assumption that he might have been in there a while, and need help getting out.  We’ll soon see if my assisted hatching did anything to save the little guy.  Since the temp was low in the incubator for the last several days, I’m pessimistic that we’ll see many of the eggs hatch.  We’re going to wait until the end of the day tomorrow (Monday) and see.  If there aren’t any more chicks trying to hatch, we’ll call it a loss and throw out all the eggs.  After that, the incubator and the third round of hatching eggs are moving to my house so I can keep a watchful eye on them.


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