Green Machine – Now on Faceypages

Well I finally caved.

We’re on facebook.

Which brings up a whole different set of issues.  Apparently businesses on facebook don’t have facebook pages, they have “tabs” and facebook provides no means to create this tab.

So you’ve got to log-in as a “developer” and create your tabs in an API.  In short, it’s a hot mess, and you have to jump through a whole new set of hoops to make it look like you want it to.

It’s at this point when the shock, horror and utter dismay set in.

I don’t want to have to fight with another interface just to make another mini-website.  I already put up a real website, and it was a pain in the neck. So this leaves the door open for all sorts of third-party vendors.  Some are free, most want you to pay, and the vast majority are selling all sorts of social-media snake-oil.

But just when you’re about to throw in the towel and hire one of these social-marketeers, remember the immortal words of Ken at Popehat:

“Outsource your marketing, outsource your ethics and your reputation.”

Don’t do it.


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  1. Is your investment into fb going to lower your content on the web site? Some of us will never go back there, so if you put material up in fb but not here we won’t see it. We like reading your stuff.

    One other minor point – your captcha system is difficult for me to get right and when you fail you lose the written message if you forgot to keep a backup. Are you really getting so many spam messages that you need to guard with a captcha?

    1. Don’t worry, I’m on facebook against my will and better judgement. All content goes here first and foremost.

      Sorry about the CAPTCHA thing, I got tons of blog spam until I put it up. I dialed it back, and hopefully turned it off for non-guest users. Let me know if it’s any better, or if it’s still aggravating.

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