Getting Springy

Our thermometer hasn’t hit a negative temperature reading in a few weeks.

In fact, we’ve hit some pretty good above-freezing temperatures for the past week or so.
That means that all the snow is finally starting to melt.

And the fences are starting to reappear.


But all that melting poses a few problems, like re-freezing around the barn door, rendering it completely immovable.


Oh well, a temporary problem I suppose.
Just for kicks I dug up this photo from last summer.


Anyway, in the midst of all the meltyness, there are quite a few new feeder pigs running around. They’re busy exploring and getting acquainted with the cows.


And getting acquainted with the bigger pigs.


Heck, it’s getting warm enough that the chickens are even venturing out of their coop!


And the toddlers, well they’re doing what toddlers do: finding puddles to splash around in.


I might have to allow myself to believe that spring is on it’s way.

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