Gardener’s Supply Boot Trays

As you may know, it’s winter.

That means lots of snow, ice, mud, water, dirt and whatnot get tracked in the house on various shoes and boots.  Add to that the addition of one more new Minnesotan, my father, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a big mess by the front door.


We needed something to contain the mess a little bit. My Mother has owned a nice boot tray for several years, so after figuring out where she got it, I ordered two of them for our house.

They’re the large boot tray set from Gardener’s Supply. They’re $31 each, and much bigger than the other boot trays I looked at online.  They measure almost 4′ long by 14″ wide.  Plenty of room to hold the massive collection of footwear that we’ve developed.


Better yet, they’ve got these rubber grids in the bottom to let all the snow, mud and water drain off.

I made a little shelf that will hold both trays with enough room to get the tallest mud-boots in on the bottom. That ought to help.


15 pairs of boots and shoes off the floor, only 3 pairs are mine, so I think we know who the real culprits are…


Oh, and nobody gave me nothin’ for posting about this. I just think they’re awesome, so I figured I’d let all you know.



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  1. So glad you took care of that rather large (size 13 and size 9) problem.

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