Farm To Table Dinner – 2012

Last night was the 2nd annual Fayette Farmers Market Farm-to-Table dinner.

We got an early start on the festivities, with most of us starting to set everything up around 1:00, but Joseph had already been at it for hours.


As we got all the tables and place-settings set up, they even conned me into helping out.


In spite of my assistance, I think everything sure ended up looking nice! We all have Joseph to thank for that.


And the menu sure looked nice as well.


Much to our chagrin, a few of us guys, myself and Derek Bryant were tasked with manning the wine and beer table. We were nearly despondent with grief.


By 6:00 all of the folks had arrived and we sat down to eat. But first Kristen O’Dell, the market manager, let everyone know which farm each dish came from.


After dinner it ended up cooling off and getting a bit chilly out. The adults kept warm by hanging around the fire and socializing.


The kids….
Well, they kept warm the way that kids do. By playing around in the yard and on the zipline as if it were 75 degrees and sunny.


Thanks everyone for coming out, we hope you enjoyed yourselves!



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  1. It was a beautiful evening with beautiful people! Thanks!

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