Early Spring Stuff

After a bit of a cool spell, it looks like we’re back into a fairly warm dry spring.  At this rate we’ll be panting the first crops in no time.  For the past two years we’ve started the grazing season on the first week of May.  Looks like we’ll beat that handily this year, the grass is already starting to green up.


There’s been a lot of spring cleaning, putting away all the winter equipment and dragging out all the stuff that’s been stowed away since Halloween.  It’s just about time for the clothesline to start seeing regular duty again.


I was out moving some pigs the other day when I began to wonder why my foot felt a bit damp.  That makes a pair of winter boots, my insulated bibs and a jacket that have all recently worn to the point of failure.  Oh well, won’t need it again for a while.


One of the new(ish) pig feeders got new skids.  One more to go.


And not to be forgotten, the chickens have taken to falling into the distillers grains and getting stuck.  There have been 3-4 of them this past week.  Lucky for them, I’ve been around to pull them out before they get in trouble.  Silly birds.

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