Do you feel like Chicken tonight?

The wait is finally over!


The first batch of chickens is back from the processor, and boy to they look tasty!

We’ll have chickens at Eagan tomorrow, Red Wing on Saturday, and Zumbrota on Monday. If you reserved a chicken or two (you know who you are) we’ve already set aside your birds.

If you haven’t reserved a chicken yet, there is still time! (I’m lookin’ at you Red Wing and Zumbrota customers. We expect these birds to go fast!) Give me a call or shoot me an email and we’ll hold back up to 2 chickens for you. If you haven’t picked your chicken by the end of the first market then we’ll go ahead an sell them on a first-come basis.

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  1. That is one great looking chicken! You have a decent processor there and that is half the battle. we have cut back to just raising for ourselves right now. Processing is hard to find. Good processing almost impossible. I keep thinking we could start up small-scale poultry processing, but the costs and manpower aren’t there. Tough enough to get chores done and hay in. Always something to do when you farm! Congrats on your first birds being ready to go and looking so good! Best of luck at the markets!

    1. Thanks Cathy. We are very lucky to have the choice of two poultry processors in our area. After talking to the processor today while picking up our birds, I’m afraid that their future is anything but certain due to a slew of new USDA regs coming down the pipe.

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