Chicken Prison

After all the Winebeggo construction had wound down I had a fair bit of extra lumber laying about.

I decided we finally needed a dedicated chicken prison.


Chicken prison is where the bad hens end up. They may be suspected of eating eggs, they may have wandered away from the Winnebeggo, they may have started to go broody.
Either way, they need a secure spot to cool their heels for a few days while we get everything sorted out. The broody hens in particular, benefit from plenty of light and air circulation.

The 1/4″ hardware cloth we used for the floor lets manure fall through and should do nicely for breaking the broody hens of their sitting habit.

At the behest of the toddler, the chicken prison was first tested on the heeler.


Bullit was a good sport about it all.


The finished product, installed outside the chicken coop with it’s first inmate.

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  1. Wouldn’t that pen work for rabbits also?

    1. Yep, it’s actually built to rabbit-hutch dimensions. Just in case Ada gets any ideas about wanting bunnies (which she LOVES) someday.

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